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U2 Vertigo – Auckland 2

Gallery: U2 Vertigo This was it. The last show in New Zealand, and the last U2 show I was destined to see for a number of years. With 6 shows behind me, I was still like a kid on Christmas morning waking up on the 25th November. After the incredible show the night before, all […]

U2 (Ireland) – Vertigo 2006

U2’s Vertigo juggernaut travelled throughout Australia and New Zealand in 2006.

U2 Vertigo – Auckland 1

Gallery: U2 Vertigo We packed our jandals, filled our chilly bins, and headed off across the ditch to watch our first U2 shows outside Australia. Choice, eh bro? I’d never been to Auckland. Nor had my mate Scott. U2 had, but it was some 13 years prior during 1993’s Zoo TV(or New Zooland as it was coined locally) […]