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The National (USA)

It was a case of ‘All Aboard’ for the good ship National as Matt Berninger led 10,000 fans through over 2 hours of perfection in the well chosen Myer Music Bowl. 

Arcade Fire (Canada)

Finally returning to Australia after their last visit in 2008, Arcade Fire might just have given us the gig of 2014, only 22 days into the year.

Steel Panther (USA)

Crass, sexist, offensive and bitchin’. Steel Panther delivered brilliantly on every promise as part of their Spreading The Disease or STD tour. Expect nothing less, and accept no imitations. 

Fozzy (USA)

Ex-wrestler Chris Jericho brought his metal crew Fozzy back to Australia for the 2nd time in 2013, and despite a very ordinary sound mix got the job done with an entertaining set ahead of Steel Panther.

Buckcherry (USA)

Sounding more like a Mötley Crüe coverband than one here to deliver originals, Buckcherry never really hit their stride whilst opening for Steel Panther

Jason Mraz (USA)

On our shores yet again – this time for Bluesfest – Jason Mraz took to the stage at the Myer Music Bowl for a show of his own.

Blink 182 (USA)

Two thirds of Blink 182 finally made it back to Australia and delivered a killer set at the Sidney Myer Music Bowl. 

The Vandals (USA)

Californian punk royalty The Vandals tore up the satge at the Myer Music Bowl ahead of Blink 182’s set on a humid Tuesday night.

Sharks (UK)

Hailing from the very debatable home of the UK’s punk scene – Leamington Spa – Sharks kicked off proceedings at the Myer Music Bowl ahead of Blink 182‘s headline slot.

Weezer (USA)

After an eternity since their last visit, the utterly brilliant Weezer gave 8000 people two amazing sets in Melbourne. A first set brimming with hits like Hash Pipe and El Scorcho warmed the crowd up, before launching into The Blue Album in its entirety. In a word? Superb.

Cloud Control

Opening up for Weezer, Sydney folk Cloud Control played their part well, connecting with the growing audience in the stalls and reaching right up to the back of the hill.


A stirring Melbourne homecoming for the man who most reviews will tomorrow call “Triple Grammy Award Nominated artist Gotye“. 

The Black Keys (USA)

Akron’s finest guitar & drums two piece kicked off the first of two nights in Melbourne with a set that, whilst short, didn’t miss a beat.