Best Of…

2015 in Pictures

Pictures. Unlike words, you don’t have to read them. So here’s a bunch of snaps that won’t see anyone wasting precious time deciphering words. All are from 2015. All are of musicians doing stuff. 

Gigs of 2015

2015 saw a few less gigs than previous years – a bit of travel and self inflicted injury saw to that – but what a selection to choose from. Splendour in the Grass was back with its best lineup in years. There was a long awaited return from a band near and dear to these […]

Best Gigs of 2014

With another 12 months flying by, it’s time for a look back at my favourite gigs of 2014. There’s pub gigs, stadium gigs, festival sideshows and even some shameless man love involved. It all adds up to a damn fine year of shows in Australia yet again.

The End of the Palace Theatre?

Whilst Melbourne’s iconic Palace Theatre has had many an obituary written for it in the past week (amid the news that it’s owners want to demolish it to build a multi storey heartless apartment block), the fight may not yet be over.

2013 In Pictures

2013 has been and gone. So here seems like a decent place to dump some of my favourite  shots from shows that landed on my doorstep this year. 

Best Gigs of 2013

Last year, it was 5 bad and 5 good. 2013 though has been a damn fine year for live music, so rather than pick out the bad ones… here’s 10 of the good.

Best Albums of 2013

With not much slated for release in the next week, it’s time to look back on my 5 favourite albums of 2013, a year when ‘the album’ showed that it was still alive and well in a sea of iTunes singles downloads.

Best and Worst Gigs of 2012

  Having enjoyed or endured over 200 artists this year in the name of, well, music, there’s obviously a handful that stand above – and below – the rest.

2012 in Pictures

With no gigs scheduled between now and the New Year, let’s draw the curtains on 2012 with some of my favourite shots from the year that’s coming to an end.

Top 5 Albums of 2012

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the only 2012 “Best of” album list that Tame Impala haven’t topped. It’s esteemed company y’know…Previous winners include 2011’s  Suck it and See by the Arctic Monkeys, 2010’s Paul Weller offering Wake Up The Nation, and the spectacular 2009 Manic Street Preachers’ album Journal for Plague Lovers. Smaller than the Grammy’s, but bigger than the ARIA’s, here’s my […]