The Wombats

Gigs of 2015

2015 saw a few less gigs than previous years – a bit of travel and self inflicted injury saw to that – but what a selection to choose from. Splendour in the Grass was back with its best lineup in years. There was a long awaited return from a band near and dear to these […]

Flashback: The Wombats (2008)

Having just returned to our shores to launch their 3rd album in the tiny 200 capacity Shebeen Band Room, now seemed as good a time as any to get in the time machine and pop back to the first time they made their way down to Australia, back in 2008. In Melbourne, that meant hitting the […]

The Wombats (UK)

No more than 200 people crammed the tiny band room at Shebeen for The Wombats‘ triumphant return to Australia. Tough ticket this one – all free, and all gone in seconds – meant this was a crowd, venue and band all very much up for it on a Tuesday night. Superb.

The Wombats (UK)

Funny name for a band made up of a couple of Scousers and a Norwegian, but they put on a short high energy show at the Hi Fi Bar in the middle of Melbourne on a cold night in winter.