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Liars (USA)

In Australia as part of Sydney’s Vivid Festival, LA’s Liars made their way south for a show at Melbourne’s Corner Hotel.

Temples (UK)

With Noel Gallagher and the NME to thank in almost equal measures, 60 psychadelic throwbacks showed that there’s substance behind the hype, delivering a great show at The Corner as part of their first Australian tour.

Deep Sea Arcade

Opening up for Temples, Sydney’s Deep Sea Arcade kick off proceedings bathed in light and saw to it that the Corner Hotel was itself bathed in their brand of swirling psychadelic pop. 

Johnny Marr (UK)

Mancunian legend and Smiths guitar wizard Johnny Marr stopped by Melbourne on his way home from the Falls Festival to deliver the first of two standalone shows.

Lorde (NZ)

Melbourne fans had their first of two chances to catch US Billboard chart topping sensation Lorde at the Corner, ahead of the inevitable “Lorde Backlash” that we can probably expect in a few months. 

Andrew Strong & The Commitments (Ireland)

“And you… George Michael… you ever call me a fuckin’ eejit again, you’ll go home with the drumsticks stuck up your hole… the one you don’t sing out of”

Ash (Northern Ireland)

17 years on, the quite brilliant Ash returned to a stage they’d played back in 1996. The occasion? Playing their epic release of that year, 1977 in full. They didn’t disappoint. 


Psychadelic rock toting poms braved the saturated lights at the Corner on a chilly Tuesday night. 

Adrian Edmondson & The Bad Shepherds (UK)

Seriously? It’s Vyv from The Young Ones, a couple of mates with a violin and some bagpipes, playing punk covers on folk instruments…and you need me to tell you how much fun it was?

They Might Be Giants (USA)

Ahead of their groovin’ The Moo sideshow, The Might Be Giants warmed up to a full house at the Corner Hotel, their first of 3 shows.

British India

In a night where most of the crowd ended up on the stage, Melbourne lads British India launched their new album in style.

Love Junkies

On their first trip over from Perth, The Love Junkies opened up for British India in style, bringing the crowds from the back of the room to the front with high intensity madness.

Daniel Merriweather

Shots from Daniel Merriweather’s set at the Corner Hotel, backed by backing band Saskwatch.

Ali Barter

Melbourne singer songwriter Ali Barter opened up for Daniel Merriweather at the Corner Hotel on Saturday night. 

Cosmo Jarvis (UK)

The supremely talented genre-bender Cosmo Jarvis returned to Australia for the Falls Festival, and treated fans to a great mix of songs and styles.

Evan Dando & Juliana Hatfield (USA)

Long time friends and collaborators Evan Dando and Juliana Hatfield play a low key acoustic set from their extensive back catalogue of Lemonheads and Blake Babies, and a whole lot of stuff in between.

The Living End

Playing each one of their albums in full over 7 nights, The Living End kicked things off in style at The Corner Hotel with their eponymous debut album.

The Meanies

Close your eyes and it’s the 90s all over again. Melbourne punk scene stalwarts The Meanies delivered a raucous set at The Corner Hotel, warming up the stage for The Living End.