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Things of Stone and Wood

Melbourne’s own Things of Stone and Wood returned to the stage for the first of 3 sold out shows at the Northcote Social Club and kept the place pumping until 1am on Saturday night. 

Gentle Persuasion

“Like a high school reunion but with people you like” seemed an appropriate description for the crowd who assembled to give Gentle Persuasion a huge welcome back to the stage after a 20 year absence in their support slot for Things of Stone and Wood at the Northcote Social Club. 

Cosmo Jarvis (UK)

Back on our shores for the 3rd time in as many years, the man-of-many-talents-but-often-troubled-by-guitar-tuning lad from Plymouth gave the Northcote Social Club crowd plenty, with new and old stuff lapped up in equal measure.


Melbourne lads Zoophyte gave us a great reason to get out of the torrential Melbourne rain at the Northcote Social Club on Friday night. 

Vida Cain

Plenty of good music coming out of Perth at the moment. Vida Cain made their first trip across to Melbourne to open for Zoophyte on a wet Friday night.


A Sunday night in Northcote saw the first of 2 sold out shows for West Australian psychadelic rock outfit Pond. The brainchild of a fair chunk of Tame Impala folk have built quite a following, and having caught them once before (as support for The Flaming Lips) I was pretty keen to catch them again.

The Orbweavers

Gallery: The Orbweavers I first heard Melbourne songwriters The Orbweavers last August. Playing support at the Toff in Town, they were as mesmerizing as they were warm and accessible. Thankfully I’d checked their set times in the morning of an overcast Melbourne Sunday – assuming they were playing the Northcote Social Club at night would […]